Christine has undertaken a variety of writing commissions in recent years. In 2010 she was awarded a grant by the Peak District National Park Authority Sustainable Development Fund to research, write and produce photographs for a 150 page book entitled Brown Hares in the Derbyshire Dales.

Course writing for the Open College of the Arts.
In recent years Christine has written extensively for the Open College of the Arts. Her commissioned work has included editing and writing the Watercolour Painting course in 2009. She also made a substantial contribution to the Starting Drawing course. In 2010 she researched and wrote the Practice of Painting (a 140 page illustrated course book).

Radio work.
In the past Christine produced many radio feature programmes on a wide range of subjects for both BBC Radio Sheffield and for BBC Radio 4. Themes of social justice and challenging inequalities have dominated much of Christine’s teaching, community arts development work and radio work. During the 1980s she researched, scripted and presented weekly magazine programmes and features that involved striking miners, unemployed steel-workers, various trade unionists, young black people, tenants associations, pensioners’ and women’s groups.

Features for Radio 4 included a full-length documentary on the Liverpool’s Slave Trade, a feature on modern domestic ‘helps’ and one on the bell-ringers of South Yorkshire. She has also contributed to Woman’s Hour.

Community Publishing.
During her 30 years teaching in further and adult education, Christine has worked on various community-publishing ventures. These included writers’ workshops and oral history projects that resulted in interviewing, transcribing and editing material for 2 books. Labelled Disabled presented the views and experiences of people with disabilities and set out to challenge damaging stereotypes. This was produced with the Sheffield Forum of People with Disabilities.

Taste the Roughness was produced with a group of Afro-Caribbean pensioners who were members of a lunch club in Kelvin Flats in Sheffield. This publication was the first of its kind being a direct account of the experiences of black people and the hardships they faced in coming to live and work in the north of England. Both of these publications were illustrated with black and white photographic portraits taken by Christine.

Christine’s teaching career spans over 30 years and in that time she has worked with people of all ages from 16 to 90 and with groups and individuals from different ethnic backgrounds. Her teaching has encompassed work with people who have learning difficulties and groups of people who have physical disabilities. She has taught from Level 1 through to Level 4 on HND and Foundation degree courses. This work has involved extensive course-writing, some of which has been commissioned for nationwide BTEC courses. Christine taught over a period of 20 years in adult education in Sheffield. Her work included teaching art, creative writing, English and she co-ran an award winning Social and Political Studies access course for women. During this period she also had a role as a community arts development worker and as a media development worker for the Sheffield College. Before taking early retirement in 2009 she had spent 12 years working as a course tutor, teaching radio and print journalism on vocational media courses in the Media Department at Norton College.

Since then she has written A River in Time – The Story of a Peak District River, which was commissioned by the Bradford River Action Group (BRAG) with a foreword by Lord Chris Smith – then Chairman of the Environment Agency. Christine’s most recent book The Water Vole – One of Britain’s most endangered mammals published by Vertebrate, is 240 pages long and packed with photographs by the author. This book explores the lives of these endearing mammals that were once common in the waterways of Derbyshire and outlines the causes for their decline.

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