Christine’s book, Brown Hares in the Derbyshire Dales, focuses on hares in the limestone countryside close to her home in Youlgrave. The book is full of fascinating facts about hares, drawn from Christine’s extensive research. She also covers other wildlife to be seen in the Derbyshire Dales, and explains the importance of wildflower meadows to the web of life in this area and elsewhere.

In addition, she includes accounts from local farmers and landowners on how they balance the economic necessities of farming with nature conservation on their land. Among these is Lord Edward Manners, owner of the Haddon Estate. Richly illustrated with 150 full colour photographs of the hare in all stages of its life cycle, plus other local wildlife, the book also contains tips on where and how to see brown hares. The book has been well received and has almost sold out. A new edition may become available later on this year.

The first edition sold out and raised several thousand pounds for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. The second edition, published by Vertebrate in 2012 has over 60 new photographs and a foreword written by the late Dr Derek Yalden – then President of the Mammal Society.

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