Christine Gregory’s work is principally landscape based. While some of her work is non-figurative it most often has a connection with the three landscape areas that she works in; the Derbyshire Dales; the North West coast of Scotland and the Sussex Weald. She works outside in all weathers using a combination of watercolour and mixed media.

She paints in Wester Ross or on the Ardnamurchan peninsula and the light, form and dynamics of these landscapes influence non-figurative work as well as land and seascapes. She has painted in woodland since her teenage years in Sussex. ‘Much of the time I work directly from nature in watercolour and other media because that is the only way I can really retain a strong sense of the atmosphere and essence of a place. Painting outside forces the hand and makes for intuitive, sharp and deep looking and interpretation.’

She has experimented with a wide range of different media in order to offer varied interpretations of the landscape she spends so much of her time in. Her larger studio based work is in oils, acrylic or mixed media collage.

Figure drawing and portraiture have long been part of Christine’s repertoire and she welcomes commissioned portraits.

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